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I have been involved in visual art in one form or another my entire life. When my parents introduced me to pen and paper it created a certain positively charged obsession. There were many things that inspired me throughout this journey. In the early stages of my life I was definitely inspired by the surroundings including my family members. But also, as any kid of that age cartoons and animation played a big role in shaping my own preferences.

Towards the late nineties the emergence of video games in my life definitely gave me a new surge of inspiration. It definitely helped that my father was just as interested in playing video games. During this time I was drawing countless fantasy and sci-fi weapons and items that I imagined to be in my own video games.

In 1999 and through to 2002 my parents decided to seek a better life in Canada. The process of immigrating from Ukraine was a grueling one that put forth many challenges for our family.

Throughout this journey to Vancouver art still remained a big part of my life. I was introduced to new mediums in highschool such as acrylic paint and drafting and 3D software. I became so interested in this new digital technology that I decided to pursue a career in animation and video games.

I ended up going to Emily Carr University of Art and Design and graduating with a major in Media Arts (particularly 3D animation). The problem was that I graduated right around the time of the recession. The same month I received my diploma, Electronic Arts had just laid off some 200 employees. What a great time to come out of school and look for a job.

For nearly two subsequent years I worked random jobs in sales and customer service while painting digitally fantasy related pictures most of which were entries to weekly challenges and contests on a concept art forum. My parents were extremely worried that I was beginning to fall into the starving artist category. I agreed with them and at some point we made a mutual decision that if by the time two years passed since graduating I did not have an industry job, i would reconsider my profession. Thankfully, the same concept art forum saved me and someone from a local studio found me and hired me to do some contract work for a video game Halo. This was my necessary first foot in the door of the industry.

For the next ten years I worked in numerous studios and on numerous projects – some more indie and some quite famous. My ambitions were to keep getting promoted to higher positions of leadership. I became senior concept artist, then lead artist and finally acquired my dream jobs as an Art Director. But as I gained more experience as an art director I realized that I had a false understanding shaped by rose colored glasses. My job was becoming more and more of a job and not a means of artistic expression. Unfortunately money is a weird beast that both promotes and stagnates progress. And it definitely can take away the soul from creativity.

I started seeking new adventures while still working in the studio. I was craving for a better creative outlet. Thankfully I discovered several traditional art competitive live events. After deciding to try my hand at them I finally started painting traditionally as practice after almost 10 years of not touching any tangible media.

I was able to win many such events including Art Battle National Championship of 2018. This really let me believe that there was a potential in fine arts as a career in the future. But I never suspected that after getting promoted and given best employee of the year at then full time job as an art director at one company I would run into political drama and ambitious people trying to conspire against me to get me out of my position. That alone disgusted me so much that I could no longer continue working there and decided to try doing fine art for living for at least 2-3 months to see where I could take that.

I was so excited and amazed to see the appreciation I received from so many people that know me but also strangers regarding my paintings! My plan took off and with tremendous help from my wife we were able to continue growing our little fine artist business.

Now, almost two years later, I could not be happier with what happened. I truly believe it was meant for me to reach the Art Director position and finally realize that it was not for me. Who knows if I would ever pick up a brush again were those negative political events at my job did not happen.

It taught me to be thankful for every experience there is – it seems obvious but I now realize so much deeper the true value of learning from anything and everything that happens in my life.


  • Art Battle National Champion of 2018
    Winning preliminary rounds and then city finals I had the opportunity to represent Vancouver in Toronto at the Canada National Art Battle Championship which I managed to win as well and get my name engraved on the Champion Cup along other talented artists names who won previous years.
  • Park’s Edge 2018 Winner
    Another live painting where I was voted to be first place.
  • Park’s Edge 2019 Winner
    Coming back to this event I was able to gain the popular vote of the audiences and win the event.
  • Winner of Battle of the Brush event
    A challenging live competition where the tricky part is having to work with another artist on the same canvas


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