Exploring the juxtaposition of wild animals within a city environment, I try to pursue the idea of nature reclaiming its rightful possession of lands. The work in these series is done with a far more expressive style and vivid colors bringing about a sense of dreamlike otherworldly dimensions.


People’s eyes are the main inspiration for this ongoing series. The more you gaze into a person’s eyes, the more you learn about them but simultaneously you realize there are secrets and mysteries hidden deeper.


Scapes are my escapes to whimsical, unforgiving, ever-loving and beautiful ocean. I hope you can escape with me and taste the salt of the sea water and feel the cool breeze fill up your lungs while hundreds of droplets land on your skin.

Mother nature is perfect in every way. It is an endless source of inspiration. I too, strive to represent it the way I perceive it in hopes of capturing many small facets of nature.


The most familiar to just about every human that walked this planet – another human. Portraiture will never cease to exist, and there’s that same faith for humanity as well.

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