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Thank you for considering hiring me for a custom painting. I work in both acrylic and oil mediums. When using acrylics I tend to create more expressive and colorful works while oil allows me to create soft transitions and glowing effects. Please take a look at my current body of work and decide which style speaks to you more.

Please keep in mind that oil paintings need a lot more time to dry than acrylic and therefore there will be a time period before the painting is ready for varnish and shipping.


My current commission rate is $1.45 USD per square inch of the canvas. This is a subject to increase over time as the value of the art rises. Also, in some special cases the rate is higher, for example, if the work requires considerably more hours to complete as in photo or hyper realism.

Please review the following information regarding the process of commissions/custom paintings:

  • We agree on the subject, size of the painting, style/medium, and whether it will be a horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • Then a 50% deposit is paid. This deposit is non-refundable. Once the deposit is paid I begin work.
  • The turnaround time varies depending on the schedule but generally I can finish an artwork within the same week of the deposit payment.
  • Once the painting is finished I provide pictures of the artwork to my client.
  • As soon as the painting is approved, the 50% remaining balance can be paid any time before the artwork is shipped. Acrylic paintings can be shipped immediately after they are varnished.
  • For oil paintings, there is a choice of either shipping varnished or unvarnished painting. I highly recommend varnishing as it will improve the color depth as well as protect the painting from fading and UV damage. Unvarnished oil paintings can be shipped 3-4 weeks after the completion. If a varnish option is chosen, the paintings will be shipped 4-6 months after the completion.
  • Any customs dues and taxes imposed on the import of the artwork to the client's country is a sole responsibility of the client.
  • In the unlikely situation of the artwork being lost or damaged I provide full support and solutions to ensure the client’s satisfaction is of utmost importance.

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